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Why it’s true

The clubhouse disaster. This board has redirected funds meant to mitigate noise issues on Munjack Circle and Treasure Cove to build a clubhouse which they know an overwhelming majority of the homeowners don’t want. They okayed this project without a homeowner’s vote and without debate on the issue. This is our money!

The clubhouse expansion required a vote of the homeowners.

In all of my writings, I have never once claimed that the board was legally obligated to spend the Crosstown settlement money in a particular manner. As has been pointed out by others, just because you can do something, does not mean that you should. I have simply pointed out that the board re-directed funds which were given to Lake Charles after our lawyer claimed that a huge amount of money was needed to make buildings on Munjack and Treasure Cove livable by the building of a separation wall in order to mitigate noise pollution from the Parkway. That is why it was called the “Crosstown Cure” and not the “Clubhouse Cure”. The argument remains, expressed over and over at recent meetings, that who does the board think they are to spend such a huge amount of our money on a project which their own research has shown that an overwhelming, I repeat overwhelming majority of the homeowners do not want , without seeking a mandate from the homeowners via a proper vote?! Is the board smarter than us? Do they know what we should do better than we know? This is the heighth of arrogance, and precisely the attitude adopted by this board for the last 2 years.
HOA fees are increasing due to the clubhouse expansion.
If the money being utilized for the clubhouse project was returned to the general fund, yet another increase in the homeowners dues would not be necessary. In fact, there could probably be a reduction in those dues.
The clubhouse expansion requires a special assessment.
Independent architects and contractors who have reviewed the clubhouse plans have estimated its actual completion cost to be between 1.2 and 2 million dollars. If that is true, where is the money going to come from to make up the difference? You know the answer. If the board is so secure as to its final cost, why do they not accept my original suggestion, and sign a legally binding document that they will personally cover any cost overruns themselves? After all, it’s their project, but it’s our money.
A wall was promised to Munjack residents who were affected by the development of the Crosstown Pkwy.
We have at least 2 witnesses who met with both board members and a member of the Port St. Lucie city council in one of their backyards in the affected area of Munjack. Promises were made by both parties that Crosstown Cure money would be used to build such a wall. Again, is everybody but the board lying? The sound reverberation argument is nonsense. Also, the $118,000.00 spent on landscaping has done nothing, once again nothing, to mitigate the noise issues. Personally, if were the affected homeowners, I would consider filing a class action lawsuit.
A $5,000 special assessment is being levied against homeowners for a new road.
I think Jane Cornett and the board had too much cough syrup the day they wrote this. I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. It’s nothing I wrote.
The board has illegally destroyed, or is illegally withholding, 200 straw poll ballots conveying opposition to the clubhouse expansion.
The board has not investigated anything, because they already know of the existence of these ballots. Remember, they are not claiming that there were fewer than 200 physical ballots returned, they are claiming that absolutely no ballots were returned. That no one responded to this questionnaire defies any logic whatsoever. I personally know of 3 people who mailed in or dropped off their ballots to the management office. Where are those ballots? Along with John Gonzalez, are these people lying too? And if using a questionnaire such as this results in no responses, why has the board continued to use this method to seek input from homeowners? The obvious answer is that these ballots have been destroyed or are being purposely withheld because they gave an answer the board did not want to hear, that the people did not want their money spent on a clubhouse expansion. John Gonzalez still maintains that he resigned his position and was not fired as the result of any controversy.
Homeowners dues have risen 3 times in 2 years. The clubhouse is budgeted for only half of what it will ultimately cost. If the board claims they will not raise dues or assess members to make up the cost difference, let them sign a legally binding agreement to that effect.
Dues rose on Jan. 1st 2014, Jan. 1st, 2015, and Jan. 1st, 2016. The length of time betweenJan 1st, 2014 and Jan 1st, 2016? 2 years. If the dues rise again on Jan 1st, 2017, they will have risen 4 times in 3 years.
2000 violations and fines issues in 2015 in a community with only 1100 homes.
Maybe the other 1595 fines are with the missing 200 ballots.
The second vendor in 3 years has sued our HOA due to Board mismanagement. The first lawsuit cost over $77,000 of our money.
A section of the minutes from the May 30, 2013 board meeting reads as follows:

“Mr. Rodrigues reported that he and Mrs. Hassler attended mediation to settle the lawsuit filed against Lake Charles by M&R construction for terminating the company’s contract to serve as general contractor on the Harbour Isles roofing project. The suit was settled for $77,500.00 of which $27,500.00 would be paid by Lake Charles insurance carrier.”

I don’t know about the transfer of funds which followed, or the mention of insurance policies covering this and that, but it sure sounds to me like, one way or another, this cost Lake Charles some money.

As regards the Trugreen “settlement”, I recently sent the following invoice to Steve Satin:

Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge

You will notice the board admitted that they paid Trugreen $40,000.00 for work that was never performed. Only a board with as twisted a sense of logic as ours can pay for work that was never done and come out with a feeling of accomplishment. The actions of the board did not save us 45,000.00, it cost us 40,000.00. And I’m still waiting for my check for 40,000.00 from Steve.

2 board members secretly formed an LLC doing business with Homeowners associations, which was dissolved soon after it was discovered.
When I said secret, I meant secret. Iaquinto and Bettencourt did not disclose the existence of their LLC to the homeowners when it was formed, which they are ethically, if not legally, obligated to do. A basic tenet of service on an HOA board, according to Florida statute 720, is that board members may not profit in any way from their service on an HOA board. Yes, they are public records, but how many of you spend your time trolling Florida corporation records looking for LLCs started up by your board members? Why did they not use the term “exploratory” when we first confronted them about it at a board meeting, and only began using that term after legal consel advised them to do so because it sounded less suspicious? And why did they dissolve the company only shortly thereafter? And most importantly, why was a partner required, who by the most remarkable of coincidences was a realtor specializing in foreclosures and short sales? What kind of assistance could he provide? Do we have proof of any wrongdoing? None whatsoever. But we would like a full disclosure of their financial records, which I doubt is forthcoming. We will just leave you with the circumstantial facts, and let you draw your own conclusions, especially now that it’s election time.
Huge legal fees to protect the board from actions taken by homeowners instead of doing community business.
The board has not “responded” to any legal actions against it. Neither Ms. Eovaldi or myself had taken or threatened to take any legal action against the board. Both lawsuits were initiated by them. Tens of thousands of dollars, again, of our money, have already been spent, and as you will see below the lawsuits are the definition of the word frivolous. They refuse to disclose the amount of the legal’s fees which have been paid, at least until after the election and the recall process are behind them. Even those who might support the board for other reasons cannot endorse this incredible waste of our funds. Also, the board is characterizing itself as part of the association, as if they are somehow protecting the homeowners interests by suing Suzanne and myself. This is a cynical attempt to hide behind the homeowners in order to protect themselves, their interests, and their positions on the board.
Harassment of homeowners, including lawsuits filed against those who have the gall to speak against the board.
I am in the process of acquiring a number of personal accounts of just such harassment by the board. We will update the site and include them in the next few days, as well the posting of photos showing rule violations by the board members.