On Friday an email and robocall were sent out alerting the Lake Charles homeowners regarding groups of individuals who were canvassing the community in an attempt to interfere with the voting process. Here is my response to Erika on Friday, February 12, 2016:


We have no idea what you’re talking about as regards these collection of votes. I think you are making this whole thing up. Why is it that no one can identify this “group of people” who are doing what you say? Can you send us copies of these “complaints” from residents? Are you trying to imply to residents that people are trying to improperly handle votes? No, that’s what Mr. Iaquinto did 2 years ago when he was “elected” to his position after several recounts that took place behind closed doors. Please inform the board that the other candidates have been informed of that previous process, and that they will make sure there is no repeat of the fraudulent vote counting that took place during that previous election. Everything will be videotaped, and votes will not allowed to be taken out of view.


No one, I repeat no one is doing what she claims. If you think about it, they are trying to characterize people who oppose them as the types who would go around and interfere with the voting process by mishandling votes, which is not happening. This is a complete lie, absolutely evil, and precisely why I treat the board with the disrespect I do.